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DataSpark presents at Singapore Defence Technology Summit

November 5, 2021

We have witnessed first-hand how COVID-19 pandemic has set an unprecedented ripple of change in areas such as technology, health and military operations. By examining the impact of such recent disruptions to government agencies and industries, we can come together to run post COVID-19 recover strategies and perhaps seize unexpected opportunities for growth.  

At this year’s Singapore Defence Technology Summit, DataSpark’s Chief Operating Officer Shaowei Ying, presented a session called “Using AI to address VUCA escalation” on 15 October. Shaowei touches on the added dimension of how 5G and AI models and systems presents a paradigm for national security, by assisting commanders to make swift and informed decisions for tactical and strategic advantages by highlighting key use cases. Shaowei also mentioned DataSpark’s mobility genome solution that enhances and extracts rich mobility data from telco networks that can be used as a data-as-a-service application tool for easy integration.  

The presentation can be seen below.  

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