Reports and applications

Custom mobility reports and applications to help your organisation better understand mobility patterns.

DataSpark's Reports and applications.

Our developers are able to build custom applications to suit specific organisational needs. Applications such as our CAPEX Optimizer has assisted telecommunications companies with understanding how best to direct their capital expenditure, and more recently our Epidemiology tool has assisted health organisations better understand known hotspots and enabling them to respond quickly.

Using the insights provided in our mobility reports and applications, your organisation will be able to uncover mobility trends across days, weeks and months so that you can make better business decisions with mobility data.

Why Dataspark's reports and applications?

Why is our report unique?


Mobility Intelligence. Based on over 1 billion data points of actual movement collected and processed each day.


Patented Mobility Genome™. Our framework cleans, processes and transforms raw location data into mobility intelligence.


Custom application. Our team of data scientists are able to built custom applications to suit specific organisational needs.


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