Retail and commercial property.

Insight into how shoppers travel to and move around a specific location.

Let's plan and analyse retail.

We aid retail and commercial property developers by providing timely insight into how shoppers and visitors travel to and move around a specific property. Footfall around centres, origin-destination pairings of shoppers and frequency of visit can be identified via mobility data.

Accurate, scalable and timely, DataSpark can facilitate in informing strategic decisions such as footprint expansion and day to day operations such as carpark management and public transport requirements. DataSpark can assist in perfecting the customer experience by understanding who the customer is, how long they stay and how often they visit.

Take your business to the next level with DataSpark’s location and segment insights. Identify overlapping catchment areas from your competitors and gain positional advantage. Win over brand-switchers by presenting them with customised and precise marketing tactics.

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