Banking insights

Detailed customer behavioural insights to clients in the banking sector.

DataSpark's banking insights.

DataSpark’s Banking Insights provides a fresh take on marketing in the banking and financial industry, by curating detailed customer behavioural insights to clients to help orchestrate targeted marketing campaigns on their advertising platform. 

The offering is co-created by engaging extensively with financial institutions, with validated metrics and extensive coverage of the population and granular signals. This gives you better clarity on your client’s customers and potential customers' online and offline behaviour. 


What makes us different?


Big data made simple. Our patented algorithms process billions of anonymous and raw mobile device data points per day.


Our data is comprehensive. Telecommunications data ranges from mobility, app, web logs, profiles, VAS and more. 


Data at client's fingertips. 24x7 access to combine multiple audiences to identify the right cohort for their product.


Reach capabilities. Capacity to run a marketing campaign through Singtel capabilities across digital advertising platforms, SMS, emails etc.

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