Data science consulting.

Bringing together mobility intelligence, data science and industry expertise to help solve unique business problems.

DataSpark's experts help solve challenges.

Experienced data scientists perform analysis of mobility patterns, combined with demographics of footfall traffic data from DataSpark to deliver you custom insights. With fast data turnaround, you can quickly benefit from new ways to approach your business needs and realise new, tangible business opportunities.

Our insights, combined with our industry experience can help solve your unique business problems.

Why Dataspark's Consultants?

Why use us?


We have reach and a big customer base. Access to over 240M mobile subscribers across Asia.


Transparent & versatile. Unprecedented view into where, when, why and how people move.


We have the experience. We practice rigorous data exploration and analytical techniques.


We work with you. Working collaboratively to ensure our insights answer business needs.


Advanced data science algorithms. Powerful analytics algorithms that provide holistic insights.


We’ve done the hard work. Our Mobility Genome™ framework processes data into mobility intelligence.


Excited to see how telco data can be used to enhance your business?