Government and smart cities.

Working with government and smart cities to better inform planning and investment.

Use big data to make local city decisions.

DataSpark works with Singapore and other Asian governments and city councils to provide insights designed to better inform planning and investment using big data. Through our patented state-of-the-art technology, custom local government mobility reports are not only built quickly but with low latency on getting you people movement data and insights.

Using the highest data privacy standards, data is aggregated, anonymised and validated using relevant datasets and made accessible to our customers securely. Data scientists then analyse mobility patterns with granular spatial accuracy using market leading methods. We help understand how people move, where they go and what they do. 

How we've helped local council.

In 2016 the City of Gold Coast in Australia established the Digital City Insights project with the objective to create and deliver smart city initiatives through employing the use of big data to enable improved decision-making. DataSpark assisted the council by augmenting their data with our proprietary and anonymised telco-sourced data to help the city gather insight into the visitors during Easter 2020.

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