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Where, why and how people move.

Mobility GenomeFramework

DataSpark’s powerful analytics software engine for processing and transforming spatial-temporal data into Mobility Intelligence for every application and every user interaction.

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You’ll get to work with rich diverse datasets and cutting edge technologies, deliver real impact to businesses and governments, and help improve societies.


24/7/365 Visibility

See when, why and how people move throughout the year at any time and day.

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Understand mobility insights of the whole population across Singapore. Get the data you need on the very next day.

More Useful Data

More than 1 billion data points each day. Enrich your analysis with more granular and detailed data than any other source.

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Access accurate and reliable data powered by our patented Mobility Genome™ framework.

DATASpark's Offerings

Our suite of products and services put DataSpark’s Mobility Intelligence into the hands of the customer

Data-as-a-Service APIs

APIs provide programmatic access to mobility insights which can be integrated into any application.


Snapshots of buildings across Singapore will help you uncover the mobility pattern profiles of visitors to your point of interest.

DATA SCIENCE Consultancy

Tailor-made consulting services to uncover actionable insights to address specific business problems.



The richest sources of mobility information providing 24/7 Singapore-wide coverage of 4.1 million mobile subscribers.

Mobility Genome™ framework

We enhance data quality and extract rich
mobility insights using our industry-leading mobility algorithms.


We anonymise and aggregate all of our data to protect the privacy of individuals.


DSpark(Australia) partners with Ooh! Media on their Smart Reach platform

DSpark’s mobile data has been integrated into oOh! Media’s Smart Reach – a planning tool which enables advertisers to maximise their media spend and reach 25% more buyer audience through unmatched targeting across the media landscape. Smart Reach, has been described by CEO of oOh!, Brendon Cook, as “the most robust data grouping by location anywhere in the world.”

Big Data Boosting Tourism Growth in South Australia

We have partnered with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at Adelaide’s Living Lab to develop insights designed to boost tourism in South Australia through the use of Big Data.

Singtel Invests S$45mil To Boost Employees' Digital Skills

Singtel is investing S$45 million over three years to deepen the digital skills of our 12,600 employees in Singapore. The initiative, dubbed ACT, aims to Accelerate employee learning and skills development, empower employees to Co-create their skills pathways and Transform employee roles to ensure they remain relevant in the digital economy.