We help model and plan roads and transport services.

The foundation for better transport planning.

Transport planning and infrastructure is a dynamic and ever-changing area. The ease of people moving across cities is core to the satisfaction and productivity of urban communities.

At DataSpark we assist transport planners to better understand when, who, how and why people commute to a point of interest. This includes daily commuting, leisure travel and holidays.

With DataSpark data, transport planners can also have a better grasp of why people choose specific modes of travel and how they respond to planned and unplanned disruptions. This information is then used to formulate better public transport, parking and road infrastructure. We have exclusive access to mobile network and GPS data that is collected and processed throughout each day. This can also be augmented with your own 1st party customer and location data.


DataSpark provides beneficial insight into how and when people move, with regards to their reliance on public transport and major traffic corridors. Having tangible accuracy and certainty into people’s transport patterns set the foundation for better planning for the future.

Using mobility data, this visualisation shows the impact on traffic when Sydney Harbour Bridge was closed due to an individual scaling the top of the bridge in April 2018.

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