DSpark partners with oOh!media targeting Chinese tourists visiting Australia

DSpark, DataSpark’s Australian arm, has partnered with oOh!media, Australia’s leading Out-Of-Home company, in a study aimed at helping advertisers reach Chinese tourists, Australia’s largest spending segment of the inbound tourist market.

DSpark access to rich mobility data and its Mobility Genomes has allowed it to study where, when, how and why Chinese tourists move in Australia, based on their mobile roaming data.

Some of the key insights from the study include how suburban shopping areas saw the highest frequency of visits. For example, 15% of all Chinese travellers observed in the study visited Sydney’s Chatswood Chase shopping mall three or more times during their stay. The top 10 shopping areas for those visiting Australia for over 30 days, were also all in suburban areas.

These insights are all the more valuable as there has been little information available, apart from flight arrivals data, on how businesses can better engage the lucrative inbound Chinese tourist market.

The study will help advertisers understand how Chinese tourists move around Australia and identify popular suburbs, roads travelled, and key shopping locations. This information can be used to map out oOh!media’s asset locations and provide a more meaningful advertising package to its clients.

The news of the collaboration was announced at the ADMA Data Day conference held in Sydney in February 2018. More information can be found here.

Featured image from oOh!media.