Big Data Urban Planning

We have reached a stage where big data plays a key role in our daily lives. With almost every aspect of urban planning – transportation, banking, healthcare and retail – being disrupted by data, what will a data-driven city of the future look like?

It will be one where data-driven insights allow policymakers to consider the health of the population and quickly isolate epidemics when they arise. Wearables and fitness tracking apps also produce valuable health data that enable individuals to manage and improve their well-being.

Decision-making for better city planning will also be driven by data insights on how people move. Location data would aid planners to improve the way inhabitants go about their daily commutes without hassle. Transport authorities will find it easier to plan future lines, adjust the frequency of trains and buses to meet demand and provide a better commute experience overall.

These are some of the many use cases that when fit together will form the bedrock of a data-driven city of the future. Here’s an infographic that offers a bird’s-eye view of such a city.