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Banking insights

Detailed insights into both online and offline behaviours of clients in the banking and financial industries.

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Using mobility data, our APIs, custom mobility reports or a team of data scientists can help you discover new opportunities

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Quantifying and visualising movement from known hotspot zones to make swift and informed health policies.

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Leveraging telco data to provide meaningful shopper demographic and behavioural insights.

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Applying mobility intelligence and data science to solve your unique business problems​.

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Mobility intelligence and technology that matters.

DataSpark are leaders in processing large geo-spatial temporal mobility data to deliver intelligence on people and places using the highest data privacy standards. Understanding how people move, where they go and what they do enables organisations to map their strategy around where people live work, and play.

Why Dataspark?

What makes us unique?


Big data made simple.
Our Mobilitygenome™ enhances data and extracts rich insights.


Data you can trust.
More granular data as compared to other sources.


More on your target market. Understand customers, trends and refine spend.


Tailored consulting. Providing solutions to solve unique business problems.  


Use data however you want. DaaS API allows effortless integration into existing apps.


Highest data privacy standards. Data is always anonymised and aggregated.


Providing mobility insights to a range of industries.


DataSpark partners with transport authorities to provide commuter origin destination matrix data, to assist in the modeling and planning of roads and transport services.


With greater emphasis on creating liveable cities, DataSpark collaborates with government and councils for better appraising of urban planning and investment.


DataSpark provides accurate and detailed data surrounding travel and visitation patterns of not only local visitors but also international travellers.


OOH advertising companies utilise DataSpark data to optimise their network of billboards and analyse movement patterns more efficiently.


DataSpark works with organisers to provide valuable insights around attendees, demographics and surrounding activity to better organise events.


Providing retail and commercial property developers beneficial insight on shoppers and visitors, and in addition, movement data around a specific property.


DataSpark products are able to enhance CAPEX allocation and CX, and assist your B2B customers to have a better grasp of your network coverage.


DataSpark collaborates with various other industries including insurance, consulting and much more. Contact us to see how we can help.

Extensive coverage of population and granular signals, DataSpark actively engages with financial institutions to provide helpful insights.

DataSpark works with governments, health departments and epidemiologists to recognise known hotspots to better aid health responses across the country.


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See how businesses like yours are working with mobility insights to solve big challenges.


"At MIT Connection Science we take a multi-disciplinary approach to developing and analysing insights into human behaviour. We've worked with multiple API platforms and DataSpark is undoubtedly the best we have seen."

Thomas Hardjono
CTO, MIT Connection Science

"Working with DataSpark, and the data they provide, has helped Queensland protect its citizens and its visitors throughout the pandemic. They ultimately helped preserve life in Queensland and the rest of Australia"

Queensland Health
Dan O’Halloran
Director, COVID-19 Analytics, Queensland Health
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DataSpark products are able to enhance CAPEX allocation and CX, and assist your B2B customers to have a better grasp of your network coverage.