Optimise capex allocation using subscriber-specific data and mobility intelligence
with DataSpark's CAPEX Optimizer


  • Industry shift to incremental deployment of network capacity amid stagnating service revenue across markets

  • Increasing focus on RoI in allocation of capex

  • Inadequate visibility on how network and subscriber-level data fit together in capex optimisation


  • Big data approach to network planning process

  • Able to analyse subscriber behaviour using mobility intelligence and provided insights

  • Provided insights include customer experience, churn, high value corridors and more

  • Insights generated are fully compliant with privacy laws and regulations


  • How do I provide site-by-site upgrade recommendations by band?

  • What in-depth analysis can I generate with the output optimisation scenario?

  • Which sites contribute the most in revenue from high-value subscribers?

  • How much revenue is lost due to customers at risk of churn?

use dataspark's capex optimizer
for strategic and efficient network upgrade planning

capacity demand

Take into account current, future, and latent demand for calls, SMS, and mobile data

site revenue attribution

Estimate the revenue that each cell and site contributes based on each subscriber's ARPU and usage

mobility genome™ framework

Utilise the Home-Work and Stay Duration genomes from DataSpark’s powerful analytics software engine

The capex optimizer offers Site-by-site recommendations
for CAPEX deployment based on selected optimisation criteria

How it works

The CAPEX Optimizer recommends an optimised list of sites for upgrading with respective upgrade configuration recommendations, based on multiple objectives or criteria that satisfy a set of user-specific constraints.