Differentiate your OOH business with dynamic audience measurement insights


  • Industry shift toward audience-led campaigns

  • Rise in popularity of digital OOH

  • Currently available data is static and unable to show finer spatio-temporal details


  • Powerful proprietary algorithms crunch mobile network data into dynamic in-depth insights

  • Insights are based on actual movements of millions of people across Australia

  • Insights are enriched by audience measurements such as demographic information, time of day, trip frequency

  • Insights generated are fully compliant with privacy laws and regulations


  • What are the audience reach and frequency of impressions for each asset?

  • What are the demographics and mobility patterns of the people who pass each asset?

  • What are the common routes and roads taken by your target audience?

  • Which assets will your target audience be exposed to?

use dynamic mobility insights to transform
the Out-Of-Home advertising industry

asset owners

Use insights on audience profiles and movement to optimise asset planning and investment

media buyerS

Optimise multi-site campaigns with audience movement and demographic profiles

media agencies & advertisers

Plan and develop insight-driven campaigns with access to dynamic human mobility data

Reliable human mobility data based on actual people movement

How it works

DataSpark determines who is passing by an outdoor asset by studying users' locations as observed in their mobile network data.

Data observations are cleaned and processed into trips. Our powerful algorithms then determine the most likely routes used in these trips.

This identifies the roads used and the direction of travel, and thus the assets viewed. Demographic information from mobile network data enables finer audience profiling.