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Helping organisations to understand when, why and how people move.


DataSpark is a mobility intelligence company that aspires to deliver mobility intelligence in every application for every interaction. We are a Singtel Group Company, a leading global multimedia and communications service provider that serves 640 million customers across 22 countries.

Operating in 5 countries, our team brings a rich background of deep and relevant technical and domain expertise. We combine rich carrier datasets, scalable platforms and innovative solutions to enable a deep understanding of mobility patterns of people. Our relevant domain expertise allows us to build data products and services to deliver high business impact.

OUR Data

Over 1 billion signals from 4 million anonymised devices collected and processed each day

Mobility Genome™ framework

Our Mobility Genome™ framework transforms data to mobility intelligence through proprietary algorithms


We can serve a wide range of industry verticals through a suite of solutions and services that suit your needs

An unparalleled library of mobility insights into where, when, why and how people move.
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