How telco data can be used to solve everyday problems

The world's mobile devices produce an increasing amount of data with 8 billion gigabytes produced each month in the final quarter of 2016. The ubiquity of mobile data can be harnessed to generate powerful insights that drive growth.

Unlock the potential of telco data for insights-driven growth

At DataSpark, we use ubiquitous cellular location data to build the Mobility Genome™ framework which brings advanced algorithms and technologies together to create mobility intelligence on when, why, and how people move. The insights produced can be useful in a wide variety of use cases and domains such as transport and urban planning, and retail.

Download our free white paper to learn about:

  • The measures of cellular location data quality
  • How raw cellular location data is processed and transformed to produce useful insights
  • How DataSpark’s data can be used to its full potential, in a variety of domains and use cases

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